Tell me something about you.

Tell me something about you. Come on don’t be scared. Yeah I know it’s not easy to trust people after being broken down, specially when that pain came from people you love, I mean, a couple.. it’s sort of predictable, it’s meant to be somehow, now that I think about it maybe you didn’t love him enough, otherwise you would be under the ground. But when a friend turns you down, or when family turns you down, who can you trust now? It’s imposible to believe that, it feels like the whole world conspires against you, like there’s no more space for you, and suddenly you feel that you’re alone, and it means the freaking world when some other friend tells you “I can’t meet you today”, you start questioning yourself, you start doubting the people who are around you, and the worst thing is that you start to see the bad things of the world, thinking about second hidden intentions in everything people do, and when your head is about to explode you don’t tell anybody afraid they could use it agains you, to torture you, to manipulate you. So you start to play the tough girl, the one who doesn’t need anybody to be fine, the one who doesn’t let people get too close, and then you have some acquaintances but none truly friend, and you smile and laugh, but none of them are true, you just enjoy the moment, but you don’t feel any better when you’re alone again and demons start eating your head. And at the end of the day you find yourself alone and empty, and you blame yourself for letting that to happen, for not being truth no matter what, for building up walls that now people find so hard to go through, that they just rather walk away, they don’t stay to find out the good person you know you’re inside, even when you yourself deny it, because you already saw so much evil that in some point of the path you started thinking that you aren’t a good person either.

But that’s ok babe, the good thing is that now you know it, now you’ve realized it, and you can still do something about it, you can still be truth. And the first step to be honest with the world is to stop lying to yourself, so do it.

Now tell me something about you, you can give it a try, right?


2 thoughts on “Tell me something about you.

  1. I used to struggle with being turned away. My twenty-nine year marriage changed all that. I find people treat me pretty much they treat everyone else, and themselves, for that matter. I have yet to find a bully who is really enamoured of self.

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