Living with spiders.

⁃ Take me away. No, wait, first I have to recall the spiders.

⁃ What are you talking about?

⁃ The spiders, they’re the ones that had been hunting me. I have to say they look like butterflies sometimes, but I know deep inside they are spiders.

⁃ Then call out for them and let’s go.

⁃ The feeling is strange, am I really leaving? Can I really look forward with my eyes in the past? I’m following withered footprints.

⁃ And the steps you don’t want to remember.

⁃ Right, that too.

⁃ The miracle won’t show up on its own, you have to help.

⁃ What about the first time?

⁃ What?

⁃ When you do something for the first time, you have to make a wish, this is the first time I’m leaving home.

⁃ Wasn’t that when you see a shooting star?

⁃ Then we have to find one, and I’ll have two wishes!

⁃ Ok, we’ll look for one. But hurry up, the train is leaving.

⁃ Wait! I’m still missing two spiders.

⁃ Do you want me to help?

⁃ No, this is something I have to do.

⁃ What are you gonna do with them after?

⁃ I’m going to burn then.

⁃ Why?

⁃ So they don’t bother me again and I can move on, I told you, they’re spiders disguised as butterflies.

⁃ Ok, ok, but, why don’t you just hold them?

⁃ Why would I want to do that?

⁃ Because you can’t just live with butterflies pretending everything is beautiful, you have to learn to live with both, how are you gonna learn from your mistakes if you don’t know what they are?

⁃ I don’t need the spiders to remain me that.

⁃ Just saying you don’t have to burn them.

⁃ If I give them away they are going to bother someone else.

⁃ Another reason to keep them.

⁃ I need to move on.

⁃ Yeah, that I do know.


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