Talking to myself.

Here I am again,
some would say “talking to myself”,
truth is I’m always waiting for a reply,
alone in my room talking to “someone”
elaborating answers in my head.
I must be loosing my mind.

So deep in thoughts
I can feel someone else presence,
I’m believing my own stories,
I’m waking up in the middle of the night
looking for that someone.
I’m surely going crazy.

I need a fresh talk,
I need to stop dreaming,
I need to start living,
I’m lost, real lost, as never before,
I’m desperate.
Yes, I am completely insane.


5 thoughts on “Talking to myself.

    1. Dear, I do believe in God even though I follow no religion, but trust me, this is not God talking back at me, these are actually characters I’m creating in my head. So, in case you asking yourself again: no, this is not fiction.


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