Am I a twisted head?

Always thought it was stupid to have a diary, then I thought it could be useful to clear my mind, then I thought it would contain all my most secret feeling and thoughts, and then I thought “what if someone finds it, and reads it, and knows everything I am, and uses it”.

Ok, stop there, it can’t be that bad, can be?

Maybe I just have to relax, count to 10, and everything will be ok.

Yeah, no need to write!

Ok, but there’s so much in my head that I need to put it down in words, otherwise I’m gonna explode! I never say what I truly think so at least I can write it. Does it count?

I should erase this text. It’s useless. No one cares. What am I doing? They’re just thoughts, right? Sure they will disappear by tomorrow morning when I wake up and I won’t remember I felt so insecure.

Yeah! That’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna erase this, I’m gonna convince myself it never happened and I’m gonna move on.

Move on to what? For what? Why?

Am I a twisted head?


One thought on “Am I a twisted head?

  1. Probably not any more twisted than anyone else! I felt this way when I kept a diary…some of the exact thoughts/fears. But journaling is good therapy. Now I write a poetry blog to share some of the things in my head…gotta write or might explode, yes!

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